Consulting Services

We offer a variety of consulting options for different services and technologies. Whether you need to implement new features and lack the required technical skills, or want to understand how a certain technology can help your business grow, there are a number of ways we can assist.

Cloud services

More and more companies are migrating apps and services to the Cloud every day, but it can be challenging. Quavlive can assist your enterprise in operating the Cloud migration on your favorite service provider (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service, etc).

WebRTC communications

WebRTC is a powerful video communication technology that enables video and audio calls right from the browser. If you are looking into adopting this technology for your web platform we can provide the tools and the assistance that you need.

Docker services

Using Docker, we can offer enterprises a platform to build, run, and deploy distributed applications that are portable and cloud-ready. Our Docker experts can help you customize and integrate Docker into your organization’s ongoing development to meet both IT and business needs.

Kubernetes services

Kubernetes is an advanced system for the orchestration and the management of clusters of nodes in micro-service architectures that can be sometimes hard to design and realize. Our Kubernetes experts can help you setting up and managing the container-based services in cloud-native ecosystems.

Mobile applications

Mobile apps have become the fastest and most effective way to engage with customers and they are now an integral part of the enterprise strategy for businesses. At Quavlive we shape mobile experiences to include the latest innovations available on Android and iOS so that our customers can always be at the forefront of technology.

Web applications

At Quavlive we continuously work on Web services and applications for our video solutions and more. With our expertise in Web development (HTML5, CSS, Angular, WordPress) we can help you bring your ideas to life on the web, or simply determine some of your best options out there.

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