• Quavlive
    Live and on-demand encoding and adaptive video streaming software as a service solutions
  • QuavStreams
    Adaptive HTTP video streaming platform for live and on-demand WebTV applications
  • QuavEncoder
    Audio/video capture, live encoding and transcoding for adaptive video streaming systems
  • QuavPlayer
    Adaptive streaming video contents player on PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, and Set-top Boxes
  • QuavPlayer 360
    Adaptive streaming of immersive video content on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets
  • QuavGuard
    Remote live video surveillance and vehicle tracking (fleet management) cloud platform
  • QuavBox
    Portable encoding box for outdoor events streaming

Adaptive live video streaming and encoding software as a serviceThe first video streaming system completely Made in ITALY


Panoramic and immersive 3D media content with QuavPlayer 360

Play panoramic (360°) and stereoscopic 3D videos on PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, TVs and Virtual Reality headsets.

Our Services

Adaptive video streaming

Quavlive streaming and encoding software includes technologies for automatic video streaming quality adaptation depending on the users available bandwidth and the device capabilities.

Real-time video

Our QuavStreams video streaming platform supports real-time (low-delay) adaptive video communication using HTTP/2, QUIC and WebRTC standards.

Encoding services

Quavlive audio/video encoding and transcoding software services are designed for live, low-latency and multi-level adaptive streaming services.


Our products and services are HTML5 standard compliant on every platform (Desktop, Mobile, SmartTV).


Quavlive services can scale up to a large number of connected users using adavanced cloud techonologies.

Customization and assistance

Quavlive provides to its customers fully customizable encoding and streaming services and service setup and management assistance.


Our Clients

Research and Development projects

Quavlive S.r.l is the technical and administrative project leader of the following industrial research and development projects:

"a CLoud-based platform for Immersive adaPtive video Streaming" (CLIPS), project code B98I17000160008, PON "Imprese e Competitività" 2014-2020 FESR founded by MISE (link);
"Massive Adaptive Internet VIdeo STreaming Using the Cloud" (MAIVISTO), project code PAC02L1_00061, PON "R&C Bando Startup" founded by MIUR (link).
"QuavBox" project based on US7593335 and US7916637 patents, founded by MISE as part of the Brevetti+ grant.