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Streaming services

Quavlive audio/video encoding and transcoding software services include innovative techniques designed for live, low-latency, multi-level, and viewport-adaptive immersive video streaming.

Adaptive video quality

Quavlive streaming software includes patented technologies (US20150146778A1) for automatic video quality adaptation based on the bandwidth available. This allows users to enjoy their viewing experience without interruptions.

Real-time video

Our video streaming platform also supports real-time video communications (low-delay streaming) using the protocol WebRTC which enables interactive video communications in the browser.


Quavlive services are designed to scale to a large number of connected users using advanced Cloud techonologies. However, our video platform can optionally be installed On-Premise as well.


Our products and services are HTML5 compliant and use standard video delivery protocols like MPEG-DASH and HLS granting full compatibility on every platform (Desktop, Mobile, SmartTV).

Customization and assistance

Our video services include customer assistance for service setup, management, and more. Furthermore, we offer customization options to ensure your signature brand is always recognized.
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QuavStreams Video Platform

  • Manage and publish your media for live and on-demand consumption.
  • Stream everywhere, to any device, and reach your audience.
  • Enable real-time communications among the users for video conferencing and more.
  • Gain insights from view statistics through advanced video analytics.

QuavGuard Video Surveillance

  • Security video surveillance service in the Cloud.
  • Centralized control of distributed and mobile cameras.
  • Very low-latency video communications between the cameras and the control room.
  • Advanced position tracking and fleet management.
  • Alarm signaling and automatic forwarding to remote operators.

QuavBox Video Encoder

  • Video capturing and encoding device, available in Rack and Mini variant.
  • Stream your event to QuavStreams or other third-party video platforms as live feed.
  • Encodings up to 4K at 60 fps, with remote control from the web and mobile devices.
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