• QuavGuard
    Remote live video surveillance and vehicle tracking (fleet management) cloud platform


Cloud video surveillance

QuavGuard is a SaaS security video surveillance and vehicle tracking cloud platform. The platform includes the QuavGuardBox, a portable and low-cost device to be installed on each monitored vehicle.

Real-time video

QuavGuard platform allows a low-latency communication between the cameras and the control room. The remote video camera streams can be viewed live with a delay lower than 500 ms.

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

The QuavGuardBox devices store each camera video stream allowing to view the recorded video at a selected date and time.

Position tracking (Fleet Management)

The QuavGuard platform performs a position tracking of each vehicle. The positions are saved on the main database allowing to trace the vehicles routes over the time (Fleet Management).

Alarm signalling and forwarding

Each vehicle monitored by the QuavGuard platform can send alarm messages to the remote operators in the control room. These messages can be forwarded to a nearby police patrol.


The video surveillance and the fleet management service can be used on mobile devices (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets), desktops (PC with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems) and TVs with SmartTV technology.


For additional information and for our pricing you can reach us at info@quavlive.com.