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The Politecnico di Bari WebTV has been activated on December 2015. It hosts more than 200 video streams, recorded from live events streamed through the QuavStreams platform. The service allows to live stream conferences from these places:

  • Aula Magna "Attilio Alto"
  • Aula Domus Sapientae presso Dipartimento DICAR
  • Sala Videoconferenze presso Amministrazione Centrale
  • Isolato 47 (Citt√† Vecchia)
In each place we installed a QuavEncoder (Rack) machine connected to the audio/video equipment. The encoder performs the raw audio/video signal acquisition and the multi-level encoding for adaptive streaming. The encoded levels are sent to QuavStreams customized service connected to the public Internet. Moreover, a QuavEncoder (Mini) machine is used for streaming outdoor events. This machine can use the WiFi connection (if available) or a mobile 3G/4G operator.

WebTV Poliba

System architecture

WebTV Poliba


Inaugurazione A.A. 2014-2015

Live events


For additional information and for our pricing you can reach us at info@quavlive.com.